Shatha Al-Deghady is a multidisciplinary artist based in Cairo, Egypt. In 2009, she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo.. Her background in design has informed her practice as a visual artist, and her fascination with the process of creating symbols and codes transforms her artworks to become a symbol or a code for the audience to decode. She is interested in using and experimenting with different mediums, collaborating with other artists, and involving others in the creative process and the production of her artworks.

After the Egyptian revolution in 2011, she became interested in the role of psychology in perception and truth and individual struggle against authority. She focuses on the importance of self-liberation in the process of freedom by studying and documenting power dynamics in wider contexts such as monitoring and navigating the sociopolitical forms of censorship and control. Her goal is to find an alternative way for a subtle resistance within and through art. The subjects of her interest are language, power struggles and memory in relation to the human body and voice. 

Her artworks are undercover rebellious acts which deconstruct and recreate language as in her ongoing project,“Native cell”. In her ongoing project, “What fills the gap”, Al-Deghady acknowledges the power of traumatic human experiences to integrate it into a sort of collective rebirth . Her current project, “The Act of Touch” is an intervention in which time and accessibility act as controlling forces of superiority and question human memory.