2016 – 2019

Oops is a manifestation of the failed current Egyptian government and it`s ignorant policy in dealing with essential resources of Egypt, border conflicts, and the relationship of power between First and Third World countries.

The artwork discusses three political decisions that put Egypt in danger: (1) the current conflict over the Nahda dam in Ethiopia that threatens Egypt’s share of Nile resources; (2) Egypt giving Saudi Arabia two strategic islands on the Red Sea;  and (3) the collapse of Egyptian agriculture due to the import of basic grains from the United States of America. These three events highlight wasted time, opportunity and resources that carried hope and potential for the Egyptian underground social movement.



Mestna galerija.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2016

“Native cell – Source ” Manipulates the visual development of English language Alphabets on wikipedia, in favor of “Nish” language and presents the possibility of new lands through painting and photography.

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